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A podcast at the margins of disability representation

A scene from the film "Mac And Me", featuring a wheelchair flying off a cliff


Invalid Culture, hosted by Erika and Jeff, is a podcast dedicated to excavating the strangest and most baffling representations of disability in popular culture. This podcast is all about staring into the abyss of pop culture adjacent media that never quite broke through because, well, they’re just awful.

New to the podcast? Erika recommends you watch the films before listening to the podcast. Jeff reminds you that we watch the films so you don’t have to!

Meet the Hosts

Headshot of Erika, a caucassian woman with shoulder-length curly brown hair, wearing a white shirt with a puffy black vest.

Erika katzman

The voice of reason

Erika is an assistant professor of Disability Studies, interested in the material and working conditions of care work, applying disability studies in the health professions and anti-oppressive pedagogical approaches.

Headshot of Jeff, a caucasian man with short dark brown hair, gold rimmed glasses and wearing colourful sweater with "Internet" and a young boy surfing on a keyboard on the front.

jeff preston

the media masochist

Jeff is an assistant  professor of Disability Studies, interested in accessibility policy/legislation, disability in popular culture, digital memes archeology, and cyber crip community building and activism.

A headshot of Sarah Currie

sarah currie

the willing victim

sarah is a proud cat owner, community activist and retired academic. i love building beloved community wherever i go – this includes encouraging allies (like you!) to join mad care movement work with radical, unapologetic love.

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The IC Blog

A screenshot from "Different Drummers" featuring two boys in a bathroom, one playing a piss tube like a trumpet

Coming soon

We've been working hard all summer on the first season of Invalid Culture and cannot wait to share it with ...